Wednesday, January 26, 2011

just feel so good..^^

u know wat...i feel good..
this 2o11 really a great year...coz it being with great thing...
no matter how dark is the way,there always a light in front..

just like recently, i do like a guy..fat,short, and a bit pon..=p
when a pray come..u FAITH..God sure will answer u..
He answer...n help me on his way..say that he is not the 1...
then,i meet another one again...i like again...and i pray again..
by waiting for the answer again...hehehehe..
so,im waiting for the answer again...
*that why im so fan bout it..*gosh!! GURl!!think a LOT!!

Another thing which i feel good is im going back to my HOMETOWN soon!!!
cant wait for that...>.

k lar...thatz all for now..

kindly be inform im a cardiac nurse now...HAHAHAHAHAH

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